Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Transitional Pieces


Bamboo flooring is a great hardwood floor option that is quite popular in so many homes today. Bamboo is not only the environmentally smart choice, but it naturally resists water, humidity, and the damage that can be caused by a busy family, dropped objects or heavy furniture. If you choose this great looking hardwood floor type to go into your home or project, you will need to make some informed decisions about selecting the most suitable bamboo flooring transitional pieces. What are Bamboo Transitional Pieces? Bamboo transitions are pieces of flooring that help provide a smooth surface from one room or level, to another. the important finishing touches to complement your existing wood floors, home style, and décor. Transitional pieces include the moldings and trims that add a professional, finished look to your home’s space. There are a wide variety of options available to provide the proper function and to match your design elements and overall interior. Types of Transitional P ...

Vintage Wood Flooring


Vintage flooring continues to be popular and people, most of the time are willing to shell out  great amounts for it. This is for the simple reason that a classic never goes out of style. Vintage flooring, pretty much like vintage clothes are those that are either really old flooring that genuinely looks worn and tattered or maybe made up of new materials made to look as if they were really old. Vintage Wood & Vintaged Wood Flooring One of the most sought after type of vintage flooring is reclaimed wood. The popularity of this flooring solution is largely due to the fact that reclaimed wood flooring poses to be more environmentally sound because it is salvaged from an old flooring or was previously used as something else. Hence, no new trees were harmed to create the product. Another plus factor is that since the material is sort of aged, there would be cases when minimal treatment is required to make it look older. However, there is limited supply of reclaimed wood som ...

Some Useful Hints on Hardwood Flooring Repair


Hardwood floors are an asset in any property and should be well taken care. While they are very resilient, day-to-day wear and tear leaves even the hardest floors prone to damage. Repairing damaged hardwood isn’t easy and is better left to flooring professionals. However, should you feel a little bold and daring and decide that this is something you can do, ask professional advise and also consider some tips below: Cut with caution. In repairing hardwood floors, the first and most difficult step is getting the damaged board or boards off. Be very careful when you do this because there is the risk of splitting or damaging surrounding boards which could mean more work and expense. Make sure you have all the appropriate tools and that they are in the best condition before doing the repair. Keep it clean. After the damaged part has been removed, make sure to clean the place it was taken from and the surrounding areas. It must be free from debris and dirt. You can eithe ...