Vintage flooring continues to be popular and people, most of the time are willing to shell out  great amounts for it. This is for the simple reason that a classic never goes out of style.

Vintage flooring, pretty much like vintage clothes are those that are either really old flooring that genuinely looks worn and tattered or maybe made up of new materials made to look as if they were really old.

Vintage Wood & Vintaged Wood Flooring

One of the most sought after type of vintage flooring is reclaimed wood. The popularity of this flooring solution is largely due to the fact that reclaimed wood flooring poses to be more environmentally sound because it is salvaged from an old flooring or was previously used as something else. Hence, no new trees were harmed to create the product. Another plus factor is that since the material is sort of aged, there would be cases when minimal treatment is required to make it look older.

However, there is limited supply of reclaimed wood some people are willing to use wood flooring materials that have been mechanically aged – colored or stained, scraped and distressed to give it that vintage look and feel.

There are a number of ways to make wood flooring appear aged and new techniques are continuously being added. One way of artificially aging wood is through distressing. This process can be done mechanically or mechanically. Manual distressing can be done by hard or by using chains, hammers, scrapers or other objects that can cause damage to give it that look of years worth of wear and tear. This effect makes it look like the floor has a certain history that works well with both traditional and modern setting.

Another technique for aging wood is through a process called tumbling. This is done  by rotating floorboards on drums, causing damage to both surfaces. Compared to distressed wood flooring however, marks here are more random and with the edges of the board damages, it gives a more credible aged look.

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