How to Get the Perfect Laminate Flooring

With all the varying features and styles of laminate flooring how do you pick the perfect one that will meet all your needs and add value to the space where it’ll be installed? Below are some basic tips every consumer should consider when shopping for the perfect laminate flooring, we have categorically split them into 2: design and function. These 2 elements are essential to finding the right one for your flooring needs.

The Perfect Laminate Flooring: Design Element

One of the reasons you might have chosen to install laminates over other flooring solutions is because its one of the most cost-effective. Chances are most of us will rather do the design of the room or we already have in mind what we like a particular space to look like. We assume a designer or stylist is no longer necessary and that’s the spirit, trust your own creative genius. However should you find yourself lost in the sea of choices you have, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Keep a particular in color family in mind and automatically eliminate the ones you don’t want to narrow the choices down. You can be bold in choosing the colors: they can contrast or blend with all the fixtures in the room.
  • The size of the room or the effect you want to achieve is another important consideration in terms of style. Darkly colored laminate floors tend to make a room look smaller and light ones give it a more spacious appeal.
  • Traffic is another thing to consider on the stylish side as lighter easily appear dirty or worn compared to dark hues. If you have canines or felines, a good move is getting laminate flooring the same shade as their fur to conceal pet hairs.
  • Bring a picture of the room, an object in the exact shade you’re looking for when you visit the store and show it to the salesperson or design professional if they have one as they may be able to make intelligent suggestions and even provide you with additional information.

The Perfect Laminate Flooring: Function Element

Aside from aesthetics, function plays an important role when choosing the right laminate flooring, here are some important areas to ponder upon before buying:

  1. Locking Systems. Most laminate flooring products available today have click-lock systems that makes them very easy to install and a perfect DIY project. However, be sure to check the quality of the locking system before buying. The pieces should lock perfectly: no gaps and planks should lay flat and even. No piece should be higher than the other.  Tongue and grooves should be thick and must have uniform thickness as this determines the strength and stability of the locks.
  1. Surface Texture. Yes, texture is more of a function than design. While texture initially imitates the feel of the material the laminate is replicating, texture lessens slippage and makes the floor ideal for little kids or the elderly.
  1. Wear Layer. This is probably the most important aspect of laminate flooring. Durability at a lower cost is the promise every manufacturers make but in most online forums, you’ll see unsatisfied customers naming companies or products that failed to deliver on that promise. Traffic is something constant that floors will face daily so be sure to get the appropriate kind of wear layer for your flooring needs.

  1. Core and Thickness. The core provides stability and thickness makes sure your hardwood- or stone-looking floors wont feel hallow and empty underfoot. Normally, those 10 to 12 mm thick ones provide a more solid feel compared to thinner laminate flooring.
  2. Backing & Edges. While these two might seem more compatible with the design element, they serve a more functional purpose. The edges should be seamless and should lock properly to make sure floors stay in place and accidents don’t happen. Backing on the other hand should be non-toxic and moisture tolerant to avoid rotting or growth of molds underneath.

Some final notes:

Aside from form and function, the perfect laminate flooring should also be competitively priced. Check from different stores and see what they have to offer. Its not bad to bargain, in fact its even smart to think of ways to save on costs.

Learn about each stores after sales service and warranties. Since laminate flooring is durable but not indestructible, knowing product warranty can probably help you over time.

Cleaning and upkeep should be another concern since laminate flooring can’t be refinished after they’ve been worn, knowing how to best protect them is probably one of the best bets anyone can have in getting the best out of their perfect laminate flooring.

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