How to Clean Laminate Flooring

One of the reasons why laminate flooring is very popular is because it’s low on maintenance and quite easy to clean.

Before plunging in ahead and dragging that wet mop with your favorite cleaning solution across laminate flooring, be sure that you’ve read the warranty and cleaning instructions from the manufacturer or store and checked if there are restrictions or recommended cleaning products to preserve the beauty of your floors.

However, should there be limited information about them, we have gathered some common  ways of cleaning laminate floors:

  1. What materials do you need?
      • broom w/ soft bristles and a dustpan or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush
      • mop – make sure its soft to prevent abrasion; this is to get stains and dust or debris residue off
      • microfiber cloth to wipe the laminate floor dry
      • water and vinegar or any cleaning product the product manufacturer recommend
  1. Dust ‘em off! First step is to get off as much dust and debris as possible. Nothing beats good old fashioned sweeping with a broom and a dustpan to  get the job done. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to make it easier.

  1. Then take the mop and wet it with the recommended or other appropriate cleaning products. If there are none is recommended, then going natural is the way to go. Get a bucket and fill it half full with warm water and add 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar and use the solution to wipe the laminate floor clean.

  1. You can then wipe the cleaning solution to rinse the floor and get off any residue that might leave any unwanted markings when they dry. Some leaves the vinegar to dry since the smell doesn’t last long but some wipe it off to prevent it from wearing the laminate surface.

  1. After rinsing the laminate floors, wipe it dry with microfiber or terry cloth, this is also another way of ensuring that excess water or cleaning solution does not seep in between the planks.

Regularly clean your laminate flooring not just to prolong its useful life  but mostly so that your home will always have that welcoming feel. It would also help to take precautionary steps like putting doormats and area rugs near the doors and bathrooms. Wiping spills immediately, not dragging heavy furniture or sharp objects on the floor and putting protective pads under the foot of chairs, furniture  and other objects.

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