Handling Stains on Laminate Floors

They might look and feel like real hardwood or even stone tiles without the cost but laminate flooring is not indestructible. Just like hardwood planks and stone tiles, laminates are prone to stains from day to day wear and tear.

Below are some tips on how to handle common and stubborn stains on laminate floors:

  1. Blood – a quick trick is to spray some window cleaner on the stain then wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  2. Liquor – fresh from the holiday parties perhaps, clear it up with detergent and water. If that doesn’t work, grab a rag and moisten it with denatured alcohol, that should take care of it.
  3. Grease – better apply an icepack, if you don’t have one grab something from your freezer. When it hardens, gently scrape of the grease with a plastic spoon or a butter knife. Be careful not to scratch the laminates’ finish.
  4. Crayons – these easily be removed by using mineral spirits. If that fails, tooth paste and a dry cloth can solve the problem.

  1. Ink – warm water and detergent should do the job, however if it doesn’t try using commercial ink removers.
  2. Nail Polish – can be a bit stubborn and might cause some unwanted damage so be very careful. Use a little scouring powder, warm water and a mesh pad and gently rub away the stain.
  3. Marks and scuffs – any materials that can cause marks and scuffs should be avoided as a general rule but if it is inevitable, make sure to have pencil erasers. Mr. Clean magic erasers are great for these so be sure to keep on handy all the time.
  4. Chewing Gum – gently scrape it off using a plastic spoon or a rubber knife, for the residue, wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits

Before trying any of the tips we mentioned above, its always best to check manufacturer’s instructions about the product first. If they have a blog, sign up for a subscription so you are aware of any updates or product care advices they might have. Some big stores offer support over the phone or through chats and forums, you may want to check that out too.

If you can’t find anything useful and the stain is quite big, always, always test first if the cleaning process or product is effective in a small area or the part which is less visible, should the test create a damage, it cant be spotted easily.

Taking care of your laminate floor properly will greatly ensure you get to keep its perfect and pristine condition for years ahead.

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