5 Ways to Remove Carpet Stains


We all love our carpets – they’re vibrant, warm and cushiony. They never fail to give comfort with their lush appeal but what happens when they get stained? How are we going to clean and restore this prized flooring that adds both luxury and comfort? Well, just keep reading because we have below the steps to clean about just about any stain that c ...

5 Most Expensive Floors in the World


Today we have for you some of the most ridiculously expensive floor covering materials from all over the world. In no way we are claiming this to be conclusive as we have searched only the priciest ones available online, in any case they are outrageously costly but no doubt incredibly beautiful and pretty much worth the treasure that they are. H ...

2013 Flooring Trends


Since we’ve gone over some anticipated trends this year as well as common decorating mistakes, its time we look at what to expect this year for flooring. Since green will remain the theme for the year not just in terms of color, but as well as the raw materials used in decorating. This is in the form of natural fiber area rugs.   ...

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